I've been waiting my whole life for you...

The big news on the slabnetwork is that Don Rocko — the famous, powerful and dazzling bachelor —  is looking for a lover!
Rich, handsome, and charming - he's the perfect man! 

However, you don't really care; all you want to do is to relax and write your slabfics.
So how did you find yourself sitting across from him at his extravagant mansion?
More so, he wants you to be his one and only... 

Will you accept his love?


Made for Guide & Seek | Group DiscordSlabsters, critters by Orvaenta



Title art, GUI art, character sprites and plot conception by Orvaenta
Game script and Ren'py coding by Renaitreve/Belle
Background art and CG art by Ducclord
Beta testers: Roscomander on Twitch | Lumaryth on DASnicket on Toyhouse | Bakage#3523, k3l2m1#3555 on Discord



To everyone in the Guide & Seek community! Thank you for making this possible. 💛
We sincerely hope you enjoy playing it as much as we had fun (haha..) making it!

[Please tell Don Rocko to pay us. We will need to unionize otherwise.]



A playlist created by Belle, filled with music she was listening to as she wrote and coded the project!
If you're looking for something to jam to as you play, give it a gander!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsParody, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksMade for the Guide & Seek community, Featuring Slabsters, a species by Orvaenta


Caught in a Slabmance for Mac 40 MB
Caught in a Slabmance for Windows 57 MB

Install instructions

It's recommended that this game be downloaded onto your computer, but it also works on browsers EXCEPT Safari. In general, the browser version will most likely not work on iOS devices. Android users should have no problems. 

Playing on mobile browser should be functional, but the game is optimised for laptop/desktops. In any case, you should save liberally!


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I just finished the Slabboro good ending. SO cute! Thank you!

It was good <3 I like the art >3< tho there is no music. Overall I enjoyed it

Hi just downloaded the game, I was wondering if there's suppose to be no music or if I downloaded the file incorrectly?  thank you

Hi there! There's no music unfortunately, as this game was done in a relatively short period of time. Thank you for your interest! <3

Ah I see, totally cool just wanted to make sure!  thank you!


This was a cute visual novel. A fun slab parody.


Thanks kindly for playing! : ]

You're welcome :)